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The Best Discover Credit Cards

Credit Card Catalog ( Email: ranks the top credit cards issued by Discover.

Hi I’m Adam Jusko from and today I am looking at the three best Discover credit card offers. There really are only three Discover offers for the consumer market,
although there’s some slight variations, so really we’re going to be looking at the three offers that are out there and we are going to rank the top three Discover card offers.

So number one is the Discover It Miles Card. This is a card that gives you 1.5 miles / points per dollar and I say miles / points
because, despite the name, your points are really worth the same as they would be in a different points program… they’re basically worth a penny each, and you don’t have to use them just for travel. You can use them for cash back, so at 1.5 miles or points per dollar you can actually convert that to 1.5% cash back, which is very competitive in today’s cashback market. But what’s even
better is that for the first year you get to double all those points
that you earn. So essentially what that means is you are getting the equivalent of three percent cash back for the first year that you have this Discover Card and still 1.5% cash back for the years after that. There’s no annual fee so that also means that you don’t have to worry about that as part of this. You can also take that 1.5% and use it towards travel that you have made with your Discover
card, but you don’t have to. So that’s what’s nice about it.

The number two credit card is the Discover It Chrome Card; different cashback formula, it’s two percent cash back on gas and restaurant purchases, one percent cash back on everything else. So if you have to gas up your car often and if you go out to eat often then obviously this is a way for you to get a little higher cash back on those purchases. Again, like the Discover It Miles card, this one will double your reward earnings for the first year, so everything you earn within that first year having the card you’re going to get it get it twice. No annual fee for the Discover It Chrome Card either.

Number three is the Discover It Card which is really sort of the flagship Discover Card but it’s actually the worst of the three in our opinion. It gives you one percent cash back on all your purchases and then it offers you five percent cash back on certain purchasing categories, which sounds nice but the problem with this is the categories change every quarter. You don’t really know what the categories are going to be so in one quarter there may be a five percent cash back on groceries or gas and then it may change the quarter after to, you know, home improvement stores and
department stores. So every time it changes you kind of have to rethink how you are spending with this card, which we don’t really we don’t really enjoy. And the other piece to the puzzle here is that you have to what they call “activate” each quarter. Basically when the five percent reward categories change you have to then go in and actually tell Discover that you want to get the five percent cash back on those categories, which really doesn’t make a
whole lot of sense because there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to get the five percent cash back on those categories. So it sort of feels like a way for them to offer the five percent cash back but play on the fact that many people are going to forget to activate each quarter. So we’re not a big fan of that one but there are only three cards so we still have to put it in our favorite three Discover cards.

So, to recap, the number one Discover Card is the Discover It
Miles Card which gives you 1.5 % cash back or you can use that 1.5% discount essentially on travel purchases. Number two is the Discover It Chrome Card… two percent cash back on gas and restaurants, one percent cash back on everything else. And number three is the Discover It Card which gives you the one point or one percent cash back on all your purchases and then your rotating 5% cash back categories.

So that’s it. Thanks for watching. Please visit for other reviews and credit card comparisons. Thanks.
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