History Behind the Introduction of Gold and Platinum Credit Card

Credit cards, as they are understood by the title, initially arrived to life around of 1958 in the USA. These unique cards were very first introduced by the Bank of The united states. In the year 1966 Barclays Bank launched Barclay charge card. It was in the year 1967 Master charge card originated in United States. In the year 1972 Access Credit Card had been introduced for the first time. It’s important o point your Bank of The united states and Barclaycard repayment methods have progressed in to the Visa system, whereas the Master fee in addition to British’s Access charge card system changed into MasterCard. The credit cards that are issued in UNITED KINGDOM will often range from the Visa or Master card Logo. However, there is certainly exception on master and Visa cards and these exclusions being results of introduction of United states Express Bank. Also, you’ll get the 4th smaller system of charge cards which will be rather widespread in US and referred to as Discover.

All associated with significant finance companies and in addition a number of the building societies active in the British are offering credit cards with loads of advantageous assets to score. The cards are increasingly being offered to the brand new along with the current customers. A number of the banks offer both, MasterCard plus Visa Cards. In the year 1980, the gold and platinum cards had been introduced in the financial areas. These cards are available on the basis of specific amount of annual fee. If we talk of current scenario, there is certainly only slim line difference between gold charge card and platinum charge card.

What will Gold Credit Card Offer?

A gold charge card offers clients longer interest free period, extremely reduced rates of interest than any regular group of charge card. The gold automobile now offers great discounts on expenditures and also this turns out to be the best option eventually. Most finance companies have also ended the training of charging yearly fee from holders of gold card.

Platinum charge card Offers

Platinum card offers incentive things based upon the amount of deals you get on your bank card. The platinum card offer reduced interest rates, travel accident insurance, rental car insurance and additionally, there are more regular borrowing limit enhance advantages.

Applying for Platinum Credit Card

If you’re planning to try to get the platinum bank card, everything you need to show is the financial history and absolutely nothing much more. For more details, you will need to check with the particular bank.

Gulf Money Mart talks about Gold Bank card.

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American Express Platinum Card Unboxing!

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Apply for the Platinum Card® with this link. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved: http://refer.amex.us/TRISTTkfcf

AMEX recently sent me the Platinum card and I thought I’d share what’s in the box for those who are curious about what’s in the box and the current membership guide, etc.


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Platinum Benefits Grow

If you are looking for a great card from a trusted credit card company, and you have good credit, Chase Platinum Card may be the card for you. Chase has bee a leader in credit card services for many years and that is because of the services they provide to their customers. By owning a Chase Platinum Card, the cardholder has the protection of zero liability for unauthorized purchases made to their account. This is valuable if the card is ever lost or stolen.

Along with zero liability, Chase Platinum Credit card also offers great benefits for those cardholders who travel. These benefits include free car rental insurance and travel accident insurance, which is available worldwide. No matter where the cardholder travels, he or she can rest assured they are being protected by their Chase Card. Another advantage of owning a Chase Platinum is free online account access, perfect for those who spend a lot of time using the internet and prefers to view their account online, instead of calling on the phone for account information.

Besides the travel and security benefits that come from owning a Chase Card, the cardholder also knows that he or she is saving money every month because their card does not have any annual fees and a low interest rate. The interest rate can be as low as zero percent for up to one year on purchases and balance transfers depending on the credit of the applicant. If this is not available, then the applicant may be able to receive zero percent on balance transfers for up to three months. This can save a person a lot of money if he or she is carrying a credit card with a high interest rate.

Once the introductory rate has expired, Chase will continue to offer its customers with low interest rates. Currently the interest rate is being offered at 14.24%, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to find out the current rates at the time he or she applies for the Chase Platinum, which can be done securely online.

While applying online, it is also up to the individual to read carefully the terms and conditions of the Chase Platinum Credit Card, and understands exactly what is being offered to them, and what is expected by being a cardholder.

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