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Identifier: industrialgasca191436waid
Title: Industrial fuel calorimetry.
12 Months: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Waidner, C.W. Mueller, E.F.
Publisher: National Bureau of guidelines
Contributing Library: NIST Research Library
Digitizing Sponsor: NIST Research Library

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, 30inches) to find the noticed heating value as defined on page 14.The number of gas burned being equal to the amount of waterheated, it is not necessary to determine these volumes independ-ently; so that the utilization of the gasoline meter additionally the weighing of thewater, required with the usual form of circulation calorimeter, is dis-pensed with. A calorimeter operating on this principle wouldseem to be adjusted to be used as a recording calorimeter, since it auto-matically keeps a continuing ratio of volume of gas to volumeof water; so only alterations in the heating value or perhaps in the tem- 25 The calorimeter No. 16 had been kindly loaned with this investigation by the Improved gear Co. 26 Inasmuch whilst the liquid is calculated volumetrically, the warmth ability of a cubic foot of water forvarious outlet-water conditions are found, without practical error, by multiplying the weight of acubic base of liquid at 6o° F, viz, 62.4 pounds, because of the appropriate element extracted from Table 22, p. 91. Technologic Paper No. 36

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Fig. 34.—Doherty calorimeter Industrial Gas Calorimetry 133 perature or perhaps in pressure associated with fuel produce alterations in thetemperature increase associated with the water flowing through the calorimeter.Arrangements will have to be produced for automatically refillingthe container with fuel, of course one tank were used the recordwould be discontinuous. In a recording instrument the two ther-mometers would obviously be changed by a differential mechanicalor electrical thermometric product combined with a suitablerecorder. The calorimeter is shown in Fig. 34. The inner connectionsare also difficult becoming shown demonstrably in one sectionaldrawing. For details of building your reader is regarded thepatent requirements, United States Letters Patent No. 828306.The important concepts of construction are shown within the diagram-matic design, Fig. 35. The water flows through calorimeterunder a pressure decided by the difference in level betweenthe inlet wier the and the outlet wier B. The price of flo

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