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Image from page 175 of “Industrial fuel calorimetry.” (1914)
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Identifier: industrialgasca191436waid
Title: Industrial fuel calorimetry.
12 Months: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Waidner, C.W. Mueller, E.F.
Publisher: National Bureau of guidelines
Contributing Library: NIST Research Library
Digitizing Sponsor: NIST Research Library

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, 30inches) to find the noticed heating value as defined on page 14.The number of gas burned being equal to the amount of waterheated, it is not necessary to determine these volumes independ-ently; so that the utilization of the gasoline meter additionally the weighing of thewater, required with the usual form of circulation calorimeter, is dis-pensed with. A calorimeter operating on this principle wouldseem to be adjusted to be used as a recording calorimeter, since it auto-matically keeps a continuing ratio of volume of gas to volumeof water; so only alterations in the heating value or perhaps in the tem- 25 The calorimeter No. 16 had been kindly loaned with this investigation by the Improved gear Co. 26 Inasmuch whilst the liquid is calculated volumetrically, the warmth ability of a cubic foot of water forvarious outlet-water conditions are found, without practical error, by multiplying the weight of acubic base of liquid at 6o° F, viz, 62.4 pounds, because of the appropriate element extracted from Table 22, p. 91. Technologic Paper No. 36

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Fig. 34.—Doherty calorimeter Industrial Gas Calorimetry 133 perature or perhaps in pressure associated with fuel produce alterations in thetemperature increase associated with the water flowing through the calorimeter.Arrangements will have to be produced for automatically refillingthe container with fuel, of course one tank were used the recordwould be discontinuous. In a recording instrument the two ther-mometers would obviously be changed by a differential mechanicalor electrical thermometric product combined with a suitablerecorder. The calorimeter is shown in Fig. 34. The inner connectionsare also difficult becoming shown demonstrably in one sectionaldrawing. For details of building your reader is regarded thepatent requirements, United States Letters Patent No. 828306.The important concepts of construction are shown within the diagram-matic design, Fig. 35. The water flows through calorimeterunder a pressure decided by the difference in level betweenthe inlet wier the and the outlet wier B. The price of flo

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Image from page 243 of “Purdue debris” (1906 )
3 credit scores
< img alt=" 3 credit report" src="" size=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href="" > Net Archive Publication Images Identifier: purduedebris00purd_3 Title: Purdue debris Year:< a href="" > 1906(< a href="" > 1900s) Writers:< a href="" > Purdue University Topics:< a href="" > Purdue College< a href="" > University yearbooks< a href="" > Universities and also colleges Author:< a href="" > Lafayette, Ind.: Senior Citizen Class of Purdue University Adding Collection:< a href= "" > Allen Area Town Library Family Tree Facility Digitizing Sponsor:< a href="" > Net Archive Sight Publication Page:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Publication Customer Concerning This Book:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Directory Entrance Sight All Images:< a href="" > All Images From Publication Click right here to< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > sight publication online to see this image in context in a browseable online variation of this publication. Text Appearing Before Photo: line-upwas still uncertain, but this did not stop a good exhibi-tion of team

work in addition to private starring.
Seven-teen guys were used including such coming stars as littleI Ioldie and also Robertson. Right finish in this game was helddown by Frushour, and his work revealed that the problemof among the ends was fixed. The final score was 36 to Gin our favor and every one but the group was pleased. The 3 men played there throughout the Beloit video game but it wasdistinctly open till the functional Johnny Johnston wasallowed to show what he might do there. After his firsttrial he remained there. Regarding this time around I. Long, betterknown as Shorty, left guard, ended up being ill with malaria andhis setting was temporarily unfilled. Wabash meanwhile had actually been playing a phenomenalgame, as well as all prep work pointed to the Presbyterians.The scarlet wearers held Illinois and also Chicago to remarkablysmall scores and came to LaFayette with the full expecta- tion of winning. It was the initial video game of the season to test Text Showing Up After Image: WABASH GAME points of interesl on thai day were, Kings look onthe area prepared for the next video game; Convill proclaimed qualified, and also Duke playing best guard. The left end setting
was still an issue to the coaches; the mettle of the Purdue Warriors as well as a big crowd turnedout to witness the competition. The newly obtained Purdueites( Indian Medics) originated from Indianapolis on a special train and also weregiven an imperial re-ception by all LaFayette and Pur-due College. Wabash placed upa video game battle andthe defeat she sus-tained was not atall to her dis-credit, yet intruth it has to besaid that yet forthe bad work ofUmpire Burklandthe score wouldhave been farlarger. Nearly ahundred yardsin fines is a fearful handicap to any type of team. Wabashcarried the round for downs four times, in all various other instances theywere required to punt by the perfect protection of the Boiler-makers. Allen, Convill and Thomas did the special stunts 218 in this game, Convill specifically doing some great grandground gaining. Just once was t Note Regarding Photos Please note that these pictures are removed from checked web page photos that may have been digitally boosted for readability- coloration and also appearance of these illustrations could not flawlessly resemble the original job.

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Picture from web page 433 of “The Road railway journal” (1884 )
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< img alt=" made use of vehicle loan" src="" width=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href="" > Web Archive Publication Images

Identifier: streetrailwayjo311908newy
Title: < a href= "" > The Road train journal Year:< a href="" > 1884 (< a href="" > 1880s) Writers:. Subjects:< a href="" > Street-railroads< a href="" > Electric railways< a href="" > Transportation Publisher:< a href="" > New york city: McGraw Bar. Co. Adding Collection:< a href=" ” > Smithsonian Libraries Digitizing Enroller
: < a href="" >

Smithsonian Libraries View Book Page: < a href="" rel=" nofollow"
> Publication Customer About This Book: < a href ="" rel=" nofollow" > Brochure Entry View All Images: All Photos From Publication Click below to< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > view publication online to see this picture in context in a browseable online variation of this publication. Text Appearing Prior to Picture: n causes theIndiana Opportunity interlacing and also this is reduced to a i-in. main from there southern to Forty-third Street. The pressuremaintained is 85 lb., and even during the busiest hoursthere is no significant decrease in stress at the terminalsdue to rapid usage and also circulation of air. The signal system has been in procedure for some timeand has actually offered full fulfillment. The trains maintainsafe intervals and run at optimal rate with practicallyno disruptions. The Retail Merchants Association, of Terre Haute, Ind., has eliminated the reimbursement fare system to out-of-town trades-people which has actually been in operation for virtually two years.The merchants claim guides were lent as well as were thusunconsciously recognized by the interurban firms whenthe arrangement was that they must not be moved. 422 ROAD RAILWAY JOURNAL. [Vol. XXXL No. ii. ENHANCED STEEL CAR FOR THE New York City SUBWAY The Interborough Rapid Transit Company, of New York City, is currently finishing the devices of 50 steel vehicles for opera -Text Showing Up After Picture: FIG. 1.– INTERIOR OF SUBWAY VEHICLE, PROVING SEATING SETUP consequently a description of the later layout ought to be ofspecial worth as symbolizing the results of a three yearspractical study of unique tools made use of under a lot of diffi-cult operating conditions. Several of these autos havealready been placed in solution in NewYork. The basic considerations whichguided the companys engineers in de-signing the car along the lines to bedescribed rather than complying with certainfeatures set in the originalsteel automobiles were 4 in number, as fol-lows: The widening of the vestibuleor system doors; complete fireproof-ing; decrease in weight, as well as elimina-tion of the surface utilized to imitate theusual wood car. PLATFORM POORS In order to reduce the moment of sta-tion stops, it was assumed desirableto rise the size of the platformdoors, the brand-new dimension being 50 in., as compared with 39 in. in the oldcars. Thus it has actually been made possiblefor two individuals, and also three, to en-ter the automobile abreast as well as Keep in mind About Photos Please note that these photos are extracted from checked web page photos that may have been digitally enhanced for readability- pigmentation and look of these images could not completely resemble the original job.