NEWS ALERT: Equifax Data Breach Exposes Personal Info of 143 Million Americans

Credit-reporting company Equifax launched this has been the target of an information breach with subjected the non-public information of 143 million US consumers. This hacked resources includes charge card numbers, driver’s license numbers, Social Security figures, and much more. This information breach might trigger extensive identity theft, and now we have REAL TIME BUSTING INFORMATION COVERAGE.

LIVE today: Information Alert: Equifax Data Breach Exposes tips of 143 Million People in america – REAL TIME FLOW

Watch the LIVE broadcast for this Information alarm with Steve Lookner.

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The credit tracking business says the hack took place sometime this summer and includes sensitive and painful information like social safety numbers, delivery dates and credit card numbers.

5 Steps To Get The Cheapest Personal Loan

The five essential steps to get the cheapest personal loan.
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Hello and welcome to FundooMoney, your 24X7 buddy for all your money matters. Whether it is emergencies, festival season or major family events like marriages, people reach out for personal loans. Since these loans are not backed by any collateral, they come with high interest rates. In this backdrop, how do you get the cheapest personal loan? We will tell you about five essential steps you need to take to do, that but in just a little while.

When you are scouting around for a personal loan, hunt for bargains on interest rate and fees. Here are five essential steps:

Do your research
You can do online research to find the personal loan interest rates of various lenders by checking out their websites. You can also visit the sites of web aggregators who deal with online loans. They will provide comparisons of interest rates of personal loan from many lenders at one place and even help you with their personal loan calculators.

Select 5 lenders with lowest base rate
Shortlist five lenders providing the lowest personal loan interest rates. Typically, large public sector banks offer the lowest rates. However, some private players also offer very competitive rates. Just in case you don’t get the exact interest rate for a lender’s personal loan, you may use lenders’ base rate. The loan rate would be based on it. Select the lenders with lowest base rate.

Find the right lender
Different lending institutions such as banks, target different customer segments. Some target salaried people working in the private sector, while some look for government employees, even as others prefer professionals, self-employed and businessmen. Study the eligibility criteria and various personal loan schemes offered by shortlisted lenders. Based on the match of their personal loan offering and your profile, select a suitable lender.

Bargain for a lower interest rate
Lending institutions like banks generally offer the rack rate at the time of loan application. So, there may be some scope of bargaining in the interest rate to be charged. Check your credit score before applying for the loan. If you have good credit score and suitable profile, bargain hard for some discount on the interest rate.

Seek a discount on the processing fee
You can take advantage of a good credit history i.e. influenced by your loan repayment track-record, and suitable profile by seeking discount on the processing fee.

We hope you found this useful. Do share with us and others on this channel your smart tips on getting the best personal loan. For more such actionable personal finance information and regular uploads, subscribe to our channel. Also, visit our website, download our mobile app and stay connected with us on Instagram, Pinterest and Slideshare.

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