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Identifier: internationalstu10newy08
Title: International Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Publisher: New York. John Lane Co
Contributing Library: Brigham Young University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University-Idaho

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ith a largelandscape of Indian summer, of greatcharm of handling and knowledge ofpainting, of tender tones and pleas-ing color, with trees against thewarm sky and much mystery, recall-ing well the season, and Roberthung prominently, and what is better, bad things David Cauley has a delightful figure which he callsreceived by right of membership have been ruth- Tanagra, because the lady holds a statuette in herlessly skied and so made as little in evidence as hand. This is painted in great detail, in a scholarlypossible. So radical has been the change that it is manner and is highly personal in color and arrange-enough to make some of the older men turn in their ment. Samuel Woolf, among the youngsters, hasgraves! Rcolutionary men are in prominent an aged Jew at a newsstand, of cleverness andpositions; things that would have been relentlessly interesting disposition of light and shade, whilerejected in former years look down benignly from Luis ]Iora has a couple of athletes, American

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Copyright applied jor by Lillian M. Gciilh THE LARK BY LILLIAN M. GENTH the line; the work of men prominent in the councilshitherto are lost in the shuffle skyward and thecritic is obliged to sit up and take notice! An innovation is in the matter of a number ofcanvases borrowed to make centers, or to add tothe importance of the display. Thus, four portraitshave been secured from owners of the work of JohnS. Sargent and these include his likeness of EdwardRobinson, of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, andthere have been loaned an Abbott Thayer head,work by Horatio Walker, D. W. Tryon, WinslowHomer, J. J. Shannon, Siddons Mowbray and JohnLa Farge. E. C. Tarbells portrait of Dr. Seelye,of Smith College, is here in the center of a panel, Gadiators, showing skill in modeling the nude.Of a truth the portraiture, of which there is con-siderable, while of fair average, is not particularlystriking. The figures are better and include com-positions from Hugo Ballin, A. T. Schwartz, LouisLoeb, Hugh

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