What is reverse mortgage and how it can help

In this segment of the latest episode of The Property Show, we take a look at reverse mortgage and how senior citizens who own a property but do not have a regular source of income can use this facility to their benefit. Anil Rego, CEO and founder, Right Horizons, explains that reverse mortgage allows the owner of the property to pledge the asset with a bank, and the bank in return pays out monthly annuity to the owner. Any house owner above 60 is eligible for this facility.
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Suze Orman on Reverse Mortgages

Suze Orman covers exactly how a Reverse home loan can work for a family member. If you’re enthusiastic about a Reverse home loan in Colorado, telephone call Steve! He can get a hold of you the best deal and stick by that ensure you’re happy!

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Simple Explanation of a Reverse Mortgage

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Dad Wants A Reverse Mortgage

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