Visa Vie @ splash! 2017 mit Kool Savas, Haftbefehl, Hanybal, Celo & Abdi, Staiger u.v.m

Visa Vie @ splash! 2017 mit Kool Savas, Haftbefehl, Hanybal, Celo & Abdi, Staiger u.v.m

Nachdem ich am splash! Samstag schon mit Sido bei einigen Schnäpsen über ROYAL BUNKER, das gemeinsame Album mit Kool Savas gequatscht habe (Video hier: ), hat mir Savas am nächsten Tag auch noch ein paar Anekdoten aus der schwierigen Geheimhaltungszeit rund um das gemeinsame Projekt erzählt.
Außerdem hab ich von Haftbefehl, Celo & Abdi, Hanybal, Olexesh und den anderen Azzlackz ein bisschen was über die aktuellen Goldpreise gelernt und erfahren, wie das neue Celo & Abdi Album heißt. Unterwegs hab ich auch noch u.a. Staiger, Chefket, Ahzumjot, Kulturerbe Achim und Sadi Gent getroffen. Seht ihr alles oben im Video!
Bald folgen noch weitere Teile vom splash20! – z.B. mit SXTN bei Zum Goldenen V!!!

Seid Lieb und abonniert den Kanal!

Visa Vie

Main Beat: Mecs-Treem

Beats: Mortis

Joshua Weigand- Suminski
The Great Wanderer Studios

Lamine Mairinger

Ton: Lucas Behrens

Produktionsassistenz: Tun Schumacher

Zum Goldenen V ist ein Angebot von funk.

funk ist ein Gemeinschaftsangebot der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) und des Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehens (ZDF).

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How to get Online VISA for BANGLADESH

Hello pals This video nowadays is for all individuals who make lots of effort for Visa plus they don’t get a visa. At this time, within electronic period, everything has been done through on the web to make the individuals electronic, to make certain that men and women can perform all of their work effortlessly by sitting in their house. Visa in addition has become easier than ever.

For Bangladeshi visa, an imprinted 4-5 page kind had to be filled in a written type, however now it’s being filled on line, that will be fairly easy. Check out quick recommendations that i’ll tell you in this video regarding how you can easily use on line for Bangladeshi Visa.

I really hope u enjoy it to Share additionally.

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What Is The Black Visa Card?

The Black Visa card is a good credit credit card issued by Barclays. The card was launched as a direct competitor to the American Express Centurion card, and in this article we review the card and summarize whether or not it is a good choice for those seeking a new credit card.

The first interesting point to note with the Black Visa card is that it is made from carbon graphite, making it something of a stand-out product when it comes to aesthetics. The card is designed to be individual and is promoted on its exclusivity, as less than 1% of US residents are eligible for the card.

The idea with the card is that it is promoted to high earners and those with excellent credit ratings. This means that those who have medium or poor credit scores should not even bother applying for the card, as a refusal will simply damage their credit rating even further.

As the name indicates, the card in question carries the Visa logo. This means that it can be used to pay for products and services at anywhere that accepts this method of payment. In this respect it has a slight advantage over the American Express Centurion credit card, as Amex is not as widely accepted as Visa.

Another advantage for the Black Visa card over the Centurion credit card is that the annual fee is lower. Cardholders are required to pay $ 495 per year as a maintenance fee, as opposed to the $ 2,500 payable by those that own the Centurion card.

The exclusivity of the Black Visa is its biggest selling point, and simply having the card in your wallet can almost guarantee you entry to exclusive nightclubs and top restaurants around the world. It is at this point that the piece of plastic becomes more than a method of payment, and becomes a status symbol.

Those who are thinking about applying for a Black Visa card should be aware that the application process is extremely thorough. If you manage to successfully negotiate this you will likely be rewarded with a credit limit of several hundred thousand dollars, if not a figure above one million dollars.

Another interesting feature of the card is that it comes with a concierge service. This allows cardholders to request virtually anything, at any time, in any place and Barclays will provide it. This is an extremely unique feature that is found on just a few cards currently on the market.

In summary, the Black Visa card is an extremely high end product that cannot be compared to a regular credit card. Only think about applying for the card if you are extremely rich and successful otherwise you will likely be disappointed.

For more about the black Visa card and other excellent credit cards visit us also you can find out about points credit cards.

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Amazon Visa Rewards Card (Review)

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